Plenary Sessions: 8-10am All times are Pacific

8:00am Welcome
8:15amDoes AI Change Everything?Dr. Lisa Palmer, Chief AI Strategist at Dr. Lisa AI – Will AI really change everything? What can I do to prepare? These are the kinds of questions Dr. Palmer will address in her opening keynote presentation. View here
8:40amA Conversation on Data Science & Social Impact – Victoria Vrana & Nick Hamlin (GlobalGiving)
In this fireside chat Andrew Means sits down with Victoria Vrana, CEO of GlobalGiving, and Nick Hamlin, Director of Data Science & Analytics at Global Giving. We will discuss how GlobalGiving incorporates data science into its work, the role of data in driving and implementing strategy, and the relationship between an executive and their lead data person. View here
9:15amLessons From the World’s Leading NGOs – Fireside Chat with Lance Pierce (NetHope) and Lauren Woodman (DataKind)
NetHope and Datakind support and work with some of the largest, most impactful organizations in the world and cybersecurity and AI is central to both their efforts. In this candid conversation these two nonprofit CEOs will be sharing about their work, what they’ve learned working with large NGOs, and how they wish the social sector would step-up around cybersecurity and AI. View here
9:50amWrap up the plenary sessions

Breakout sessions

Session Time PSTCybersecurity TrackCapacity Building TrackData Impact Track
10-10:50amWhy Nonprofits Need to Pay Attention to Cyber Security – National Council of Nonprofits, MercyCorps View hereSetting up Your Nonprofit’s Data Stack View hereHow to Build a Data Strategy View here
11-11:50amGetting Started With Cybersecurity – Global Cyber Alliance View hereBuilding a Data Team: 3 Perspectives View hereBuilding a National Fire Risk Model with the Red Cross View here
12-12:50pmTools in Digital Protection – Save the Children View hereBridging the Skills Gap View hereWhy Observability is Key to Fulfilling Nonprofits Mission View here
1-1:50pmCybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Best Practices View hereWhy We Hit Pause – DataKind View hereBuilding an AI Analyst for Government and Nonprofits: Early Lessons in Working with GenAI for Social Good View here
2-2:50pmHow to meet Required Compliance Frameworks and Define your Own View hereSetting Up Your Nonprofit’s Human Stack View HereHow Data is Driving Work at the ACLU – A conversation with their CTO View here
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