About Good Tech Fest

Good Tech Fest is a conference about having an impact with technology. From data science to agile development to mobile applications, technology has the potential to support and scale the efforts of nonprofits, government, philanthropy, and social enterprise. There are risks we must address and mitigate. Skills we must develop. New ways of operating and being that we must design.

If you are looking to use data and technology to make a difference in the world, this is the conference and community for you.

Our sessions are built around topics such as innovation, data science, product management, fundraising, philanthropic & tech company engagement, and leading tech-oriented teams and organizations. We make sure that all our speakers are practitioners who are speaking from experience.

Attendees have a wide range of roles from executive directors, product managers, analysts and data scientists, to program officers, consultants, and researchers. Most attendees work for nonprofits, foundations, government agencies, or technology or service providers working with those customers.

Common Questions

How will Good Tech Fest work as a hybrid conference?

I am super excited for this year’s hybrid format. From May 1-3 we will be meeting in Washington, DC, hosting a series of plenary talks from amazing practitioners that will be broadcast globally. Outside of plenary sessions we will be doing a lot of networking and community building. If you are wanting to meet with some of the leaders in the tech and data for good community, this is the place for you. Then starting on May 3rd through May 4th we will be going completely virtual with 100+ workshops from folks around the world. 

Who should attend Good Tech Fest?

Data scientists, analysts, and evaluators benefit from our sessions on using data effectively to drive social impact. Product managers, technologists, and designers benefit from our sessions on building tech and data products as social impact organizations. Philanthropists and leaders benefit from our sessions on funding data and technology and leading technical teams.
If you are trying to learn how to best leverage data and technology to drive the impact of your organization forward, Good Tech Fest is for you!

What will I get with my ticket?

In-person ticket holders will get access to the virtual workshops on May 3rd and 4th as well as recordings of all plenary and workshop sessions.

Virtual ticket holders will have access to the entire conference virtually and will receive access to recordings of all plenary and workshop sessions. 

Can I get a refund?

While we cannot offer a refund, we will help you transfer your ticket to someone else if you are no longer able to attend.

Where will Good Tech Fest DC be?

We will be meeting at The Line Hotel in Washington DC. We will be providing discounted hotel reservations for those of you coming to DC for the event!

Can I speak?

Absolutely. Speaker applications can be found here.

Does Good Tech Fest need sponsors?

Absolutely! Please contact Andrew with any sponsorship inquiries.

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